What are the Missouri Learning Standards?

The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers. These grade-level and course-level expectations are aligned to the Show-Me Standards.

The Missouri Learning Standards include grade-level and course-level expectations for the following subjects:

The Missouri Learning Standards give school administrators, teachers, parents and students a roadmap for learning expectations in each grade and course. They are key to Missouri becoming one of the top 10 states for education by 2020. 

How are the Missouri Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards related?

The Missouri Learning Standards include the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which are a set of high quality academic expectations in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The CCSS define both the knowledge and skills all students should master by the end of each grade level to be on track for success in college and a career. They were created through a state-led initiative and have been adopted by 45 states, including Missouri. The CCSS have enhanced Missouri’s previous state standards for English and mathematics. 

Where can I find the Common Core State Standards?

You can find and read the Common Core State Standards at www.corestandards.org. You can read the state’s comparison to our old grade-level and course-level expectations on English language arts here and mathematics here

What are the benefits of the Common Core State Standards?

With consistent standards, states have the option to pool their collective expertise and resources in order to reduce costs for each individual state and bring the most well-informed, creative thinking to various efforts around the standards. For example, states can work together to:

  • Make expectations for students as clear as possible to parents, teachers and the general public.
  • Encourage the development of resources for educators aligned to the standards.
  • Implement high-quality, locally-developed curriculum that best enable teachers to help all students reach the standards.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive assessment systems to measure student performance based on the standards and replace existing testing systems that often are inconsistent, burdensome, and confusing.
  • Evaluate and advocate for policy changes needed to help students and educators meet the standards.

What is the timeline for implementation of the Standards? 

The Common Core State Standards are set to be fully implemented by the 2014-15 school year. Missouri school districts will have had five years of revising curriculum and training educators by the time the standards are fully implemented.

Has the adoption of the Common Core State Standards changed the data reporting requirements for school districts in Missouri?

No. The adoption of the Common Core State Standards has not increased the data reporting requirements for school districts. Missouri school districts have been collecting and reporting data to the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education since 1989. These data are used for education accreditation and accountability purposes and related federal program purposes. Federal programs that require the collection of data are:Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA – Special Education); Federal Title Programs; School Food Services; Migrant Education Programs; and Carl Perkins Career Technical Education.

What data are collected by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and why are they collected?

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects information from schools through its comprehensive data system.

Are the Common Core State Standards copyrighted?

Yes. The Common Core State Standards are copyrighted in order to protect this collaboratively developed product from unauthorized use by vendors. The standards are copyrighted by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) as membership associations representing states on behalf of the states that developed them, including Missouri.

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