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Missouri Assessment Program tests will be changing in 2014-15 to align with the state’s new grade-level and course-level expectations.

In the 2014-15 school year, a revised assessment system will be implemented across Missouri:

  • Districts will administer computer-based 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th grade English language arts and
    mathematics tests based on the Smarter Balanced test design and blueprints, using the Smarter
    Balanced item banks. The shorter testing time in these grades preserves instructional time.
  • Districts will administer computer-based 5th and 8th grade English language arts and mathematics
    assessments which include performance events also included in the Smarter Balanced test design
    and blueprints. The full assessment gives schools a fuller picture of student achievement in the transition grades from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school.
  • The End‐of‐Course exams used for accountability in 2014‐2015, as in the 2013‐14 school year,
    include Algebra I, Algebra II for accelerated students, English II, Biology, and Government.
    Personal Finance is available for district use when offering personal finance content embedded
    in another course or when students are testing out of personal finance. All other EOCs are
    available for district use.

More Tools to Help Students Learn

Teachers have access to a digital library of formative assessment tools, practices and professional development materials to make it easier for teachers to collect and use information on student learning.

ACT® for 11th Graders

For the first time, Missouri will provide a one-time administration of the ACT® for all 11th grade students. The test gives students a score when considering additional education after high school. It
also provides students, parents, schools and the state with a measure of how well‐prepared students are for college and career.

Benefits of New Assessments

  • Scores provide students, parents, and teachers with insight into college and career readiness early enough to address issues and provide extra support where needed.
  • Computer-based testing provides quicker results with scores returned to districts within 10 business days for grade-level assessments and five working days for end-of-course assessments.

Note: While taking advantage of technology, the new assessments are designed to work with the computing devices in schools today.